We Start Website Design Discovery Process With A Fresh Approach

When designing or redesigning a real estate website for our clients the most important part of the project happens before any graphics or code are created.

Website Design For Real Estate Agents starts with our website design discovery process by determining the primary goals of your website. Are you using it to recruit, attract buyer or sellers, or market a team? Maybe it’s intended simply allow you to give your current clients access to a great home search or home values, provide support to your existing team or build your company brand. Whatever the goals are, by clearly defining them ahead of time through discovery will better guide us in the actual creation process.
Next, remember that first impressions mean everything.

Your real estate website design must be professional and portray the right image for your business. Your clients decide within seconds of reaching your main page if they will browse deeper into your site or click away to another. Studies have shown that this decision is usually made based on the appeal of the design rather than the text copy. This means that your site design has to grab their attention and convince them that you’re offering something of value fast. This is why our sites often have a video for the main page.

As more and more real estate agents depend partially or fully on their online presence to sell homes, website design is gaining more and more importance. A business’ website serves as its display window and, like a good or bad display window, can automatically draw customers to take a closer look or turn them off with one glance. Maximizing your website to look great, be user friendly, efficient and have a speedy loading time is therefore of utter importance for our clients.