Graphic Design – Soup to Nuts

Custom graphic design is what separates you from the other companies that simply pull stock photos and graphics.  Without it, you can’t stand out from the rest.

Make Your Site Stand Out
If you don’t have an artistic eye, graphic design is frustrating.  It takes hours to make something that looks halfway decent, and even then it’s not nearly as good as something that a professional can create.  When you do enlist the help of a professional, they know the shortcuts through the editing software, have sources of images, and ultimately can create what you need in a fraction the amount of time.

Having a graphic designer on staff is great if you have the volume necessary.  Most small businesses don’t have the volume that would require an employee.  Instead, that’s where we come in.

Creating High Quality Visual Elements
What if you could think of a graphic or picture, and make it appear?  How much better would your website and social media presence be?  High quality graphics, expertly touched up pictures, and eye catching illustrations to draw in readers, prospects, and clients all without tedious hours at the computer.

Unfortunately, the software to convert thoughts into images doesn’t exist yet.  The next best thing is having a graphic designer that will be able to create those visual elements for you, your business, and your website.  Visual elements that you haven’t even thought of yet can come to life.

Avoiding the Graphic Design Mishaps
When you can’t afford to have a graphic designer on staff, one of two options is pursued.  There are plenty of freelance graphic designers out there.  Many are great, but some haven’t honed their craft.  When they don’t know you, understand your industry, or care about your brand, you get expensive work that isn’t quite what you want.

The other option is to turn to a cheaper alternative from overseas.  You save money this way, but the quality of work can drop.  Unable to afford the sophisticated photo editing software you are left with a product that is just okay.

Design that Makes you Look Good
There’s no need to spend the high dollar amount to have a graphic designer on staff.  Nor do you have to constantly be on the search for the right freelancer (domestic or international).  Instead, using SAM you can have access to custom graphic design work that is expertly tailored to your brand, your industry, and your clientele.

Our graphic design services make you look good.

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